PM10 in the Hospitality and Transport industries as a potential risk for the public

PM10 in the Hospitality and Transport industries as a potential risk for the public

The version for hotels, restaurants, public and private transport provides customers in these sectors with absolute security as the establishment is completely transparent about the air quality and the Air Quality Index (AQI) in its facilities and the micro-organisms existing in such spaces, where measuring Air Quality Index (AQI) is indispensable due to the agglomerations of people that are formed there.

This modality is also adapted to the requirements and particularities of private transport (taxi sector), public transport (buses, trains, metro) and hotels.

PM10 increased levels in the leasure public spaces and transport are to be controlled

Modern metropolitan areas and, first and foremost, people living there are the most susceptible to the negative effects of air polluted by PM10 and other hazardous for health elements.
It is important to first understand PM10, in order to be able to tackle the issue accordingly. As explained by the Government of Catalonia: “PM10 are small dust particles that, although invisible to our eyes, float in the air and easily penetrate the respiratory system and can even pass through and attach themselves to the blood vessels. About 20% of these particles come from road traffic. The rest comes mainly from construction site dust and possibly from Saharan dust clouds. They are very present when temperatures are low and the wind is not blowing”.

For example, Barcelona City Council activated the action protocol for high levels of air pollution in the city of Barcelona in the phase of a PM10 pollution episode, in accordance with the alert decreed by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The declaration of an environmental pollution episode occurs when pollution levels are high and are expected to continue or increase.

It goes without saying, Barcelona is not the only metropolitan area that is fighting against air pollution effects. Other metropolitan areas of high tourist appeal are in the same boat. Therefore, the use of our indoor air quality monitoring system is indispensable in the hospitality and transport sectors of such busy and touristic cities, in order to ensure wellbeing and safety of both locals and millions of visitors. Our product is desired by a large number of the Hospitality industry operators (including property managers, hotels, restaurants, bars and nightlife establishments) and will differentiate you from the rest in such a competitive and saturated Hospitality industry.

Our solution is tailor made for the Hospitality and Transport (both public and private) industries taking into account its requirements from the very start. The more your business provides quality resources to your clients, the more loyal they become, being prone to recommend your company to friends and family, and in addition to increased marketing due to the adoption of green policies in favour of customer wellbeing.

When your clients win - you win!

Benefits of MasterMind · Tech IAQ HOSPITALITY & TRANSPORT in public spaces with high affluence of people

Often overlooked but indispensable, indoor air quality (IAQ) and noise level monitoring, must become a new standard for modern and successful businesses of the Hosìtality and Transport industries:

Public awareness, promoting the positive image of your company We destroy uncertainty and give control by measuring air quality parameters every 5 seconds Better reviews
MasterMind · Tech's IAQ platform can be accessed remotely at any time via mobile, PC, tablet and even SmartTV, projecting on screen the air quality data of any space where the equipment is situated. Just reflect on how many bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms guests and users leave behind in transport (bus, metro, taxi) and Hospitality spaces (restaurants, hotels), not to mention airborne pollution from outdoor sources. Guests will appreciate the place bringing their safety and wellbeing to the new superior level, which will incentivize them to leave positive reviews.

Eradicate noise problems, neighbour complaints with our additional noise detection product Repeat guests and guest referrals Overall safety and wellbeing for everybody
Protect your properties from unauthorised parties and be in control by being informed in real time of any alarms.

Protect your bar / restaurant from neighbours complaints about high noise levels, by controlling the noise generated by your establishment.
Clients are more loyal and choose the same place to stay, eat and spend time in, if they are profoundly taken care of. That is what is achieved by our product. Guests will appreciate the place bringing their safety and wellbeing to the new superior level. These clients:
  1. Choose the same company for the next stay/visit

  2. Spend more (higher upselling results)

  3. Positive word of mouth

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