At MasterMind · Tech we are aware of how fast technology advances. For this reason, we have formed a research and development division which we call M · LAB, through which we proceed to research new technological needs of industries / companies and to investigate the ways to improve our solutions and services that are already covering industry specific technological needs.

Once an idea has been found and developed to cover the new needs of a sector or client, a technical, economic and legal feasibility study of the solution is carried out by our engineers, financiers and lawyers, which leads us to certain conclusions. After their evaluation by the management team, a decision is taken whether or not to undertake the development of the technological solution.

M · LAB has raised MasterMind · Tech to the point of excellence that characterises us and for which we are currently known. This department has allowed us to be a reference in indoor air quality monitoring, designing the most professional and complete Suite of monitoring products, developing from scratch its different products, and taking into account the specific requirements of the various sectors to which each of the Suite's products is oriented.

We also owe to M · LAB our success in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the on-demand service M · Algorithms and the development of our sales robot , which automatically creates a database of companies based on various filters, such as professional activity, turnover, profit margin or location, followed by an extraction of emails of the companies entered in the database, and finally a mass mailing of messages to the emails obtained in the previous phase.