Air quality. The key to wellness | MasterMind · Tech IAQ Suite

Air quality. The key to wellness | MasterMind · Tech IAQ Suite

MasterMind · Tech IAQ Suite is the new set of solutions manufactured in Europe (Barcelona), created to solve a global problem: improving the quality of the indoor air we breathe. Our Suite combines an integrated Indoor Air Quality Measurement Station with a Management and Visualisation Platform, as well as our own Domotics solution.

Our IAQ product Suite

MasterMind · Tech IAQ MEDICINE
Used in a large number of hospitals in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the medical version includes a higher level of security in terms of network connectivity, as well as extra precise sensors for micro-organisms monitoring.

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MasterMind · Tech IAQ ART & FURNITURE
The edition for the cultural heritage, art pieces conservation and furniture sectors includes monitoring of the specific variables involved in the art deterioration and an online/offline system for locations with poor network connectivity.

Furthermore, with great success at a national level, this variant of our Suite of products allows a full integration with furniture to bring immense benefits to the furniture industry in terms of marketing, creation of new product lines and business opportunities, integration studies and consultancy, depending on the type of furniture, its fibres, among others.

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MasterMind · Tech IAQ INDUSTRY
Our model for the industrial sector includes several exclusive sensors for monitoring of toxic substances emanated from manufacturing processes with the aim of contributing to the minimisation of labour risks.

We also have a product line for industrial ventilation and air purification, where we work with a version that is fully integratable into air purification devices and that can even control this purification equipment via the Platform.

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The version for hotels, restaurants, public and private transport provides customers in these sectors with absolute security as the establishment is completely transparent about the air quality and the Air Quality Index (AQI) in its facilities and the micro-organisms existing in such spaces, where measuring Air Quality Index (AQI) is indispensable due to the agglomerations of people that are formed there.

This modality is also adapted to the requirements and particularities of private transport (taxi sector), public transport (buses, trains, metro) and hotels.

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Smoking is one of the most frequent problems faced by property managers of short term rentals and hotels worldwide. Therefore, MasterMind · Tech created a solution tailored to this specific need of millions of hotels and vacation rentals.

MasterMind · Tech IAQ CIGARETTE SMOKE CONTROL is a new system to control smoking ban in vacation rentals and hotels. Our Cigarette Smoke Control system allows to collect evidence to prove that guests have smoked during their stay.

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Noise control plays a significant role in maintaining a peaceful and comfortable environment both in vacation rentals and hotels, where respect for the community through noise regulations is essential.

Control of noise pollution with MasterMind · Tech IAQ NOISE CONTROL brings the efficiency you haven’t experienced before, not only in the eradication of noise, but also acts to prevent the generation of it.

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Our success in each of the sectors of this section and experience working with corporate clients, allows us to offer a professional, first-rate air quality index (AQI) monitoring system for your home at an affordable price. Get yours now!

The office variant ensures that your office is the space workers want to come to, not the one they have to come to. It can also be integrated with other MasterMind · Tech systems such as a workplace or room occupancy monitor.

Moreover, the internationally successful education edition focuses mainly on kindergartens and primary schools to protect children from the adverse effects of air pollution, which put their health, mental and physical development in jeopardy.

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What does make MasterMind · Tech the best partner to undertake Air Quality and AQI projects?

  1. We are a company with extensive experience in the air filtration and air quality sectors, with a deep technological base, which we carry with us into our products.

  2. We fully understand our product and the technologies that go into it; we do not just sell it.

  3. Continuous improvement, development and maintenance of our Suite. We do not stop with what we already have, but we move forward at the same pace as the industry and technology.

  4. Collaborations with companies, on-demand projects and integrations in their own products and systems. We adapt to them and their needs, not the other way around.

  5. European manufacture, with the increased quality and confidence that this entails.

  6. We carry out the processes of development, modification and maintenance of the electronic board and platform, technical support, and integrations with third parties in-house. This non-outsourcing of processes allows us to be the most careful, fast, efficient and cost-effective in the market in our work.

  7. Fast and affordable product customisation, both in terms of design and in technical terms (home automation, integrations, connection types, adaptation to specific functions or sectors, etc.)

Why MasterMind · Tech IAQ Suite is the best choice for Air Quality and AQI monitoring?

  1. We do not tailor our product Suite to the different sectors and their requirements, but we create a product from scratch for each sector, taking into account their requirements from the beginning.

  2. Customised studies: we analyse what your sector or your company needs to monitor, according to your objectives, and the best approach to do so.

  3. Electronic boards optimised in terms of cost and power consumption.

  4. Highest precision sensors and proprietary Artificial Intelligence and estimation algorithms.

  5. Integration with Amazon Alexa.

  6. On-demand integration of any IAQ device with home automation to automatically perform actions triggered by an exceeded limit of the selected parameter.

  7. Real-time measurement of the different air quality parameters.

  8. Proprietary multi-role Platform for IAQ system management and visualisation.

  9. Instant device calibration system on the Platform.

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