About us

MasterMind · Tech is a company based in Barcelona, Spain, dedicated entirely to the field of technology and its applications in different sectors.. We consider our brains as one of the most essential assets of the company, based on which, through M · LAB, we transform ideas into products and/or services with enormous added value for our clients. This allows us to develop projects from scratch for different industries , taking their specific requirements to cover their pain points, particularities and needs.

We have extensive experience in the filtration and air quality sectors, as demonstrated through our MasterMind · Tech IAQ Suite, to which we transfer our deep technological base. This allows us to fully understand our product and the technologies within it, offering continuous product improvement, integrations, collaborations and customised developments for companies, thus advancing at the same pace as technology advances.

We know that not everyone is passionate about technology. However, everyone is interested in improving their services or products, multiplying the profitability of their businesses, improving their processes, increasing their efficiency, and even reducing their associated costs. We offer the opportunity to achieve the latter, without the need to develop a passion for technology; MasterMind · Tech is a transmitter of technology to the client, providing fully adapted solutions, both in monetary and technical terms. We adapt to the client and his needs, not vice versa.

We dedicate significant resources to being at the forefront in all the sectors in which we operate in order to offer continuous improvements in our systems and platforms. Our path is long term. This, coupled with our non-outsourcing business processes and European manufacturing, allows us to be the most careful, efficient and cost-effective in our work.